Store and view your visitor details in 
a modern and friendly way, in real time. Search for and export your visitor data, whilst being able to perform reporting on your visits.


The smarter way to sign
your guests in.


Visitor sign in made easy.

Quicker sign in. Verified IDs. 

Do more with Yoti.

If you want your visitors to sign in quicker or if you want to know the identity of who is entering your venue or office, tell your visitors to use the free Yoti app.


Sign up


The Smarter 
Sign in Sheet


Sign in your visitors in seconds.


Add a splash of colour, your organisations logo or a custom greeting message to welcome your visitors.

Instant Notifications

Notify members of staff when their 
visitors arrive.


Create an event and upload a list of names/emails with pre-approved access.

How MyVenue can benefit you?

Know Who Is In Your Building

What's coming next?

Upcoming features..

- Event sign in

- Employee sign in

- Customisable liability disclaimers before        entry

- Secure Yoti log in

Where is my data hosted?

All of your data is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Data is encrypted whilst idle or being sent to and from devices. So rest assured, your data is safe here.

Doesn't have the feature I'm looking for..

Sorry to hear that :( We're constantly making changes to product, so email us and let us know what you'd like to see. 

You (yes, you!) are important to us.

Is my data shared with anyone?

You, and those you provide access to, are the only individuals who have access to your data. We don't share/sell/exchange data with any 3rd parties.

What data do visitors need to provide?

Currently, visitors need to provide their Full Name, email address and the employee they wish to visit OR they can visit with a document backed Yoti and simply enter the employee they wish to visit.

By default, we've built the system to keep a record of an individuals entry for 1 year (365 days).

How long are visitor records kept?


Verified Identities

When visitors use the free Yoti app to sign in, their identity has been verified against a government issued document.

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